• Mohd. Ismail Merican Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Rohaizat Yon Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Mahani Ahmad Hamidy Ministry of Health Malaysia



health financing, sustainable system, supply and demand management, reform


Health care financing has been an important agenda of many developed and developing countries in the world ever since the 1980s. International organizations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and World Health Organisation have come out with many publications on this matter. The growth of health expenditure must be managed appropriately, to ensure an affordable and sustainable health system, among others through the supply and demand management, appropriate health care provider payment mechanisms, prospective global budgeting, regulation and others. As Malaysia undertakes reforms in health financing, the experience of other countries may provide some useful information to guide policy formulation. Models cannot simply be transferred from one country to another, but countries and regions can avoid the repetition of mistakes by sharing what they learn from analysis of the effects of ref om, on health status and equity.


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