• Loke ST Klinik Kesihatan Luyang, Kata Kinabalu, Sabah
  • Jalil NA Klinik Pergigian, Hospital Queen­ Elizabeth, Kata Kinabalu Sabah
  • Giam EW Klinik Pergigian Hospital Tawau, Sabah
  • Lee SHC Klinik Kesihatan Luyang, Kata Kinabalu, Sabah



Oral health, treatment needs, institutionalized elderly, Sabah


The main objective of the study was to determine the oral health status and possible factors influencing oral hygiene hi the institutionalized elderly in Sabah. A cross sectional study in all four institutions for the elderly in Sabah was conducted using oral examination and interview/questionnaires. Qualitative assessment using Focus Group Discussion was carried out in the caregivers of the institutions. Plaque score was used to assess oral hygiene status. A total of94.0% of inmates were above 55 years old. There were 13.4 % non-respondents in the total sample of 284. Of the non-respondents, 42.4 % had mental disorders and this was statistically significant. Of those who responded 34.6% had good, 33.3% fair and 32.1% poor oral hygiene. 33.5% were completely edentulous, 86.4% had gingivitis which required scaling, 22.0% had decayed teeth and 54.9% required extraction. Gingivitis, decayed teeth and number of teeth for extraction were significantly associated with poor oral hygiene. 14.2% had at least one type of oral disease. Dental abscess was the most common muco-cutaneous lesion found. Mental disorders showed a trend towards poor oral hygiene and this was statistically significant. Although 40.8% had physical handicap, 23.3% visual impairment and 8.2% hearing impairment, there was no significant association with oral hygiene status. In conclusion, oral health status of the population is poor and treatment needs are high. Although there was high objective need for oral care (88.6%), perceived need was low (32.0%).


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Loke ST, Jalil NA, Giam EW, & Lee SHC. (2003). THE PREVALENCE OF ORAL DISEASES AND TREATMENT NEEDS IN THE INSTITUTIONALIZED ELDERLY IN SABAH . Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine, 3(1), 30–35.